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Hey there! Maximilian Du here! As a researcher, tinkerer, and YouTube educator, my goal is to show how awesome science can be, all while working on real-world issues!

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My specialties are in electrical engineering, chemistry, mathematics, and artificial intelligence. On this website, you will see my research, "maker" projects, lab tour, AI art, photography, cooking recipes, and more! 


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Research is my largest time commitment. Projects include an intelligent stove that prevents kitchen fires (slide background), AI-assisted infant monitor, improved LSTM model, and measuring caffeine using solvent extraction.


Beyond research, I simply love making things, whether it be an arc welder from old microwaves, Tesla coils, or simply tumbling rocks.

Home Labs

Since fourth grade, I have been slowly building up a home electronics and chemistry lab. That's where all my research and explorations take place!

AI Art

I'm a big fan of scientific art! For example, I made a machine learning model that takes my own photographs and morphs them into the style of a famous artist.


More than just food for my machine-learning painter, photography for me is a combination of art, strategy, and technology.


To me, cooking is a form of edible engineering! In addition to cooking Thanksgiving dinner for my family each year, I am also interested in various forms of contemporary cooking, like Sous Vide


Writing is just a fun thing that I do to relax, whether it be free-verse poetry, satire, or short stories. I love to intertwine some science into my creative writing as well!


Orca Toolkit

Over the summer of my senior year, I wrote a research paper detailing the entire history of captive orcas. The paper is available online here, as well as the "toolkit" of multimedia exhibits 


I'm a big fan of satire, as well as various forms of scientific memes. Find my sense of humor, as well as some misc links below.

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