My Recipes

Back in 3rd grade, I decided to cook Thanksgiving dinner for my family. since then, it has become an important family tradition! 

Below, you can find my thanksgiving recipes and also some other stuff I've cooked. Scroll down for a gallery! 

Thanksgiving Recipes

Take a look at my recipes! These were modified from existing sources, based upon my own experiences cooking them. 


A nice, movie-inspired recipe that I modified from an existing source. 

Salted Caramel Sauce

Started as a gift from a neighbor, but I loved it so much that I needed to make it! Here's the recipe.

Apple Pie

A classic that I love to make with apples from our own apple trees. 

Misc. French/Canadian Recipes

When I attended a French cooking class in Quebec, I got really interested in cooking! Here are some of the things that I cooked there.

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