Personally, I love cooking because it's a form of edible engineering! Ever since third grade, I have cooked Thanksgiving dinner for my family (albeit a slow beginning). I am also interested in contemporary culinary methods like Sous Vide and molecular gastrotomy. 

Below, you can find my thanksgiving recipes and also some other stuff I've cooked. Scroll down for a gallery! 


Take a look at my recipes and results! These were modified from existing sources, based upon my own experiences cooking them. 


A nice, movie-inspired recipe that I modified from an existing source. 

Salted Caramel Sauce

Started as a gift from a neighbor, but I loved it so much that I needed to make it! Here's the recipe.

Apple Pie

A classic that I love to make with apples from our own apple trees. 

Misc. French/Canadian Recipes

When I attended a French cooking class in Quebec, I got really interested in cooking! Here are some of the things that I cooked there.

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