My Writing

I love writing satire (see "Fun Stuff"), but I also do some creative writing.

Time (Poetry, Scholastic Gold Key)


This is an ode to my sleep schedule, if you can't tell. 

I am a Scientist (Poetry, Scholastic Gold Key)


Another personal experience-driven poem

Fall Highway (Poetry)


Sitting in the back of a car, working on homework, I was struck by the the beauty of a fall sunset as it fell on the interstate highway.

An Unseen Enemy (Flash Fiction, Scholastic Silver Key)


While this is a fictional character, I draw on my own distaste of silence in this writing piece. 

Devil's Lake (Flash Fiction)


I wrote this story on the airplane back from Science Olympiad Nationals 2018, after being absolutely exhausted from the competition, the Intel ISEF that I had attended a few days before, and the AP review in front of me. So, when all was said and done, this was quite interesting! 

Infinite Hotel (Short Story, Scholastic Honorable Mention)

This was just something fun I did. 


Satire article that I wrote for fun. It's about slapping chickens!

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