This page has absolutely no purpose other than to entertain the reader with good, nerdy humor. Compiled/Written by me.

Fun Stuff

Meme Review


Do you like science memes? If so, click above for a personal collection and commentary! 

Satire Piece


This document is a satire piece that I wrote for fun. It pokes fun of basically everything, including research (it's set up as a research paper), politics, and of course, chickens. It's a good read!

How to Catch a Lion in the Sahara


This document lists many ways to do so. Note: you might need to know a bit of higher-level mathematics to understand some of the humor. I did not write this.

Horrible One-Sentence Book Summaries


Here are some really bad one-sentence book summaries that I made



A vicious predator that roams the land and sea. It even has a twitter account! @whaleycutekitty. I do not own this content.

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