Hey there! This is Maximilian Du, and I am the face behind the YouTube channel "Integral Man" (Formerly "Blackfish Dude"). As a researcher and tinkerer, I have many a time been saved by the quick Google or YouTube video, and I am honored to give back to this community. My specialties are in electrical engineering, chemistry, mathematics, and artificial intelligence. Feel free to explore my website to see what I love to do!

So... why is my username "Integral Man"? Back in 10th grade, I realized that an integral (math symbol) looks A LOT like a person, so I put a top hat on it. Then, getting a bit carried away, I put stick-figure hands and feet, and as a final flourish, I gave him a cape. I called him "integral man"...to infinity, but not beyond! His arch-nemesis was "Derivative man", who undoes every thing that Integral man does. However, "Derivative man" does not draw very well.

Picking Integral Man as my username is a nod to my passion in higher mathematics, and the channel logo is a digitally drawn version of my first sketches of this superhero.

Why is this here? Mostly because I wanted to test the HTML embedding features :)

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Blackfish Dude in molecules

This was my first attempt of  a logo, and it didn't turn out very well

Flask and Capacitor vs 1

I wanted to make a logo that represents my love of chemistry and electrical engineering

Flask and Capacitor vs 2

After polling and consulting with friends, I made a much more professional logo

Integral Man

The main character is the "man", but I put him inside a flask because it looks cool

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